Amazing love texts you can send to a girl

Special text you can send to the girl of your dreams, the girl you want or the girl you already have.

The Universe was designed in such a way that  one day I would come across you, it is natural that I developed feelings for you. Nature happened, everything that happened was planned from the beginibg. Let's keep to the master plan.

How do I breathe, after you left without a kiss? You took my breath away, but you still make me feel alive.

Beautiful creatures are to be admired, treasures are to be cherished, a goddess is to be worshipped, a pet should be cuddled. That is how I want to treat you as a lady and not a slave.

Like a rose flower. How do I pluck you when I can't keep you, or keep you when I can't pluck you? You leave me indecisive.

When I was a kid I was told angels are found in heaven. I was surprised when you came my way, you are an angel on earth.

Sometimes I feel like not to sleep, just to think of you. Other times I don't want to wake up when I dream of you.

I don't know what I wanted the first day I saw you, I can't tell how I felt the first day I touched you. Thoughts ran through my head the first day I kissed you, feelings I tried to hide but you are always on my mind..