Guava and its medicinal purpose

Guava tree and its medicinal purpose

The tree of myrthaceae family, growing up to 6m high with smooth, dun-colored bark, with elliptical, opposed leaves, white flowers and fleshy round fruit with white or pink flesh inside.

Guava is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, since some of its varieties have five times the amount of oranges.

Constituents and indications.

The guava tree and roots bark contain many substances of the tannin type. The plant can be used to fight diarrhea and dysentery.

When applied locally as mouth rinsing and gargles, its decoction is useful for stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth mucosa) and pharyngitis.

Its fruit contains mucilage, pectin, small amounts of protein and fat, minerals (mainly potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorous) and vitamins A, B especially C. they have antiscorbutic, remineralizer and invigorating properties. It is recommended for physical exhaustion, malnutrition or weakness.