How to show a girl you truly love her, how to make a girl feel special, simple things you should do for a girl to make her feel loved.

How to show a girl you truly love her, how to make a girl feel special, simple things you should do for a girl to make her feel loved.

             Everyone loves to feel special, everyone longs to be loved. So there are certain things people look out for to prove to them you really love them, there are certain things that make them feel special.  At this point we are focusing on a girl.

Women are emotional beings, so doing things that is acceptable by their emotions, things that makes them emotionally balanced or happy, things that won’t hurt them emotionally can make them feel loved and special.
This should be things that make them happy, things that make them smile, things that shows you care for them, think of them. Women love it when you give them care, affection and attention, there is nothing as much as attention for women. So if you want to make her feel special, let her know she got your attention and care.

There are 3 things women want Care, Affection and Attention. Let’s break down this 3 major aspect to making a girl feel special and loved.

Care: This can be defined as to feel concerned, to be interested in, or attaching importance to someone. It can also be the look after, provision of needs for someone.

Care is important to making a woman feel special and loved. Just by asking how they are, what they are doing at the initial time, and your wishes to help them at any time or you being interested in their well being.
Simple things to do to make her know you care about her; from calling and texting to hear from her and ask about her well being, asking about her studies/work, buying her drinks and snacks when you meet, getting her a nice pair of trousers, shirts, necklace, bracelets etc. anything as a gift, because gifts are what girls love most when it comes to caring. Once in a while you can take her out on a date without her asking, buy her chocolates and cakes even when you know it’s not her birthday. This simple care you show, won’t let a girl question your love for her.

Affection: This is the gentle feeling of fondness and liking. This relates to how you hold or touch your girl, the tone of your voice when you talk to her, the right places you place a kiss on her forehead etc.

Showing affection to a girl is something you should not forget, women are emotional being, they are like pets, so treat her like one and watch her stay by your side forever. Try to hold her hands while working, cuddle up when in private or when watching a movie together, kiss her on the forehead before leaving, run your fingers through her hair while you stare at her like you are lost in her beauty. Don’t always rush for sex, show her attention first, and she will prove her love back with sex, make sure you give her a tight hug this shows how you feel and how you don’t want to leave her, remember we tend to squeeze what we love and what we find cute.

Attention: This is the notice taken of someone, the regarding of someone as interesting, beautiful or important.

Giving her attention has to do with listening, looking and time. This is because this has to do with the importance of things, when someone or something is important we tend to listen more and pay attention to it and also giving in more time.  It also has to do with how someone is interesting and beautiful, as we can’t take of our eyes off a beautiful picture.

So giving your girl attention is really important to prove you love her and to prove she is special; Giving her that look that seem like you can see nothing or no one else but her, ignore all other beautiful girl in her presence, let her know you are admiring and watching her this really makes her feel special. Listen more when she talks, listen more than you talk to your girl. Tell her sweet words when you are with her, remind her how beautiful she looks and how you love her.
Most importantly, do not forget special dates, your first date together, her birthday etc. This proves that you think of her and makes her know how special she is to you.

This is How to make your girl feel special and loved, those are the 3 major things women want to make them feel special and loved. If you are not doing any of those listed above, you are doing it wrongly and you need to step up your game.

Hope you find the information useful, kindly comment your opinion and observation or ask any question.