+18 Poem My lover

My lover

with your breast pointing to my destination, how do I reach my goals?
What musical cord are you on when you moan?
With your legs representing the alphabet V, why do they keep shaking like an electrocuted pole?
Can you not stop the music? Please sing on.

I speak silently to your ears without a word.
And you gasp replying with an unspoken word.
My eyes closed, but I still search for treasures round your neck with kisses.
Mountains on your thighs, how my hands moves up and down with caresses.

I don't mind if you turn your back on me, I will be backstabbing with pecks from your neck to your butt ...
Well curvy structured by the finest architects, is your butt.
Soft to the touch, my head found a place to lay.
No games but in between your thighs, I want to play.

Never been wrestled before, but you are the first to squash my head with your lovely thighs.
Do you talk twice? Are you two facet? Because you got lips on your face and another in between your thighs.

Please speak to me, kiss me and water me. Let me drown in your ocean that over flows.
Take me to the undiscovered planet, My lover.

Picture credits to . @Omenmagazine and @Antoniodjanikian_ on Instagram.