Charcoal The most effective lifesaving remedy

Charcoal is a primary Health care medicine

Charcoal is used as an antidote, useful in immediate treatment of toxic ingestion. Charcoal is obtained by combustion of beech tree, eucalyptus, black poplar or similar tree woods. The kind of charcoal used is called activated charcoal; this is the charcoal prepared in a special laboratory in order to augment its  adsorption powers. Charcoal can be administered in form of a powder or a pill.

Charcoal is inexpensive, abundantly available, efficient and harmless to man..

Charcoal has extraordinary properties to absorb chemical substances, later it gets eliminated in feces, in a black color.

How ever charcoal can not be taken in place of vomiting or gastric lavage. Instead charcoal is preferable administered after emptying the stomach.

Common use of charcoal:

Eye and ear infections.
Snake bites, insect bites.
Diarrhea or intestinal fermentation, in other to absorb toxins.
Poisoning of drug overdose.
Nausea and vomiting.
Intestinal gas or bloating.
Toothaches and gum infections.
Body cleanser(from toxins)
Indigestion from over feeding.
Constipation, worm eeadication.
Menstrual difficulties and pain..
Sanizing and deodorizing agent.

Charcoal should be present in all first aid kits.