Garlic and it's usefulness


Garlic provokes a decrease in blood pressure, it is the vegetal remedy with most scientifically proven properties, it is used to prevent many diseases.

Garlic contains alliin(a sulphured glycoside) and enzyme (alliinase), Vitamin A, B, B2, C and niacin (a vitamin of the B group). Alliinase acts when garlic is mashed, it is transformed into alliicine first and then into diallyl disulphide which are the important active principles that gives garlic its smell. Alliin easily dissolves into liquid and gases, they are been transported by blood and they impregnate all tissues and organs of the whole body and more on Bronchi and lungs, kidneys and skin which are the organs which they are eliminated.

Garlic has many healing efficiency, below are the list of treatment and disease prevention that garlic works for.

Malignant tumors:

Due to it's regulating action on the intestinal flora and normalizing action in the digestive function. It helps to prevent malignant tumors, especially digestive cancers.

Defense stimulant: 

The activities of Lymphocytes and macrophages are been stimulated by garlic. These are cells which flow with blood, they are defensive cells of the body that protect us from microorganisms. These cells are also able to destroy cancerous cells in the initial phases of tumor formation.
Garlic sure augments the defensive ability of our body, directly destroying certain microorganisms. It has a good effect on any infectious disease when consumed.
Garlic is known to be used with relative success as complement in the treatment of Aids

Powerful Vermifuge:

Garlic works actively against intestinal parasites especially ascarides and oxyuride (these are little white worms that provoke anal itching in children)


Garlic is recommended for people suffering from diabetes, and obesity, because it normalizes the level of sugar in blood.


Garlic has antibiotic action against the following micro organisms.
Escherichia; this causes Urinary infections and intestinal dysbacteriosis.
Shigella dysenteriae; causes bacillus dysenty
Staphylococcus and streptococcus; which causes furuncles (infected blemishes of the skin infections).
Salmonella typhi; This causes typhoid  and other salmonella genus that causes severe intestinal afflictions.

Blood thinner:

Garlic is recommended for people who have suffered from thrombosis, embolism or vascular accidents due to lack of blood flow. Because Garlic helps in the anti clotting of platelets and fibrinolytic , these contributes towards the thinning of blood.


Garlic is recommend to stop smoking, because it overcomes the urge to smoke, due to the peculiar smell it gives to the breath. Garlic normalizes the blood pressure of smokers, which is usually high. Garlic also helps to promote the elimination of the mucus retained in the bronchi and regeneration of the bronchial mucous membrane.

Garlic can also be recommended for people  that are in state if weakness or tiredness ; people with lack of appetite, and also those who suffer from excess of acid waste(gout, arthritis).