How onion can help beautify the face and act as an Antibiotic

Onion works as an antibiotic and can help to remove acne.

Onion is the Vivacious plant of the Liliaceae family which grows up to 1m high..
Onion contains enzymes with dynamic action on digestion and metabolism. It contains a volatile essence which is rich in sulphured glycosides, which allylopropyl disulphide is the most important.
Onion is I deal for those who suffer from bronchitis, arthritis or asthma.
The onion is Antibiotic, antidiabetic, aphrodisiac inspire of its smell and cab even prevent intestinal cancer. "Eating an onion a day gives abundant health".

Onion is helpful as the following listed below.

Cosmetics: Onion when applied externally stimulates hair growth, soothes and makes skin more beautiful and cleans acne from skin.

Antibiotics: Onion can be used to heal wounds and furuncles (infected spots), also used to avoid infection in burns, skin wrinkles, acne and abscesses; to rip pen abscess, use as a poultice or boiled or grilled onion. The juice of raw onion is an antibiotic which fights against different bacteria that provoke skin infections, including golden staphylococcus.

Blood thinning: Onion is highly recommended for those persons suffering from thrombosis (forming of clots or coagulation of blood), by making blood more fluid and better flowing.

Vermifuge: When Onion is eaten raw, it's useful against ascarides(pinworms) and Oxyuride(small white worms that cause healing in children).

Expectorant and pectoral: Onion is Ideal remedy for the case of respiratory afflictions; respiratory catarrh, cough, bronchitis, bronchial, ash ma, kung emphysema. Onion can be useful for tonsillitis (sore throat) and reduces the inflammation of the pharynx when gargled.

Digestive and general invigorating of the body: Onion improves the digestion and assimilation of meal. It is not recommended for those suffering from hyperacidity or gastric and duodenal active ulcer.