How to beautify your skin, remove acne, eczema and stimulate your hair growth naturally.

How to beautify your skin,remove acne, eczema and stimulate your hair growth naturally.

Everyone longs to look younger, everyone longs to look fresh with a soft delicate skin. However with little or no cost/danger.

We are all tired of products that reacts badly on our skin, changes the skin tone or not working as expected. Worry no more as we are here to highlight 6 plants that helps to protect and fights skin afflictions and also stimulates hair growth.

Avocado oil is important for the care of the skin and hair, it cures skin affliction like eczema, dry skin and it prevents pregnancy stretch marks. It hydrates the skin and makes the face smooth, glitter and more beautiful.
However the importance of avocado oil to the hair cannot be ignored, Avocado oil helps to eliminate dandruff, adds strength and prevents hair loss. Avocado oil also adds smoothness to the hair and makes it shiny.
Avocado oil is massaged on the skin and scalp for best result.

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How to get an Avocado oil:
The fruit has yo be ripen up to the point it looks like it's rotten. Then remove the seed and mash the flesh, boil the mashed avocado in eater and spook the surfacing oil with a spoon, after then you can filter with a cloth to remove impurities.

Onion is another  important plant that helps to stimulate hair growth, and it's very much important for the removal of acne and can be used against wrinkles to prevent ageing.
Onion can be applied as a fresh juice after it's been  blended or when boiled, boiled onion soothes and makes the skin more beautiful when applied to the face.

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Lemon is used in so many cosmetics today, the lemon juice hydrates the skin, cleans acne, gives the hair brightness, eliminates dandruff and even strengthens the nails. However it is applied when dissolved in water.

Cabbage skin is applied to the skin after it's been heated by an electric iron, it improves the healing of acne, eczema and sores. Cabbage helps to heal infected wounds when applied on the affected skin area.

Is a good skin emollient that gives luster to the skin hair, either when applied externally or when taken orally, but works on the skin better when applied externally. Carrot is applied in form of poultice to remove eczema, ache and it makes the skin more beautiful, strengthens the nails and hairs. The benefits and smoothness carrot gives cannot not be obtained from any cosmetic product.

Aloe helps to revitalize the skin, gives better endurance to the skin, smoothens and beautifies the skin. When Aloe juice is applied on the skin, it improves the appearance of the skin when applied on scars, cracks, acne or eczema.
Aloe can also be used for  nails and hair care.  Apply with an emollient like olive oil, because Aloe juice dries the skin.