Is 2018 all about Drake? The year so far for Drake.

The year so far for Drake.

2018 has been Drake's year so far, With a lot of entertainment and winnings from the Toronto rapper.

Starting the year with the "God's plan" which was released alongside with "Diplomatic Immunity" which were made available to download on Jan 19 2018. "God's plan" is the lead single of Drake's 5th studio album Scorpion.

Godsplan talks about Drake's fate and success so far in his life and music career.

The video of God's plan was later released on the 16th of Feb 2018, it was an amazing and talked about music video, where Drake was seen giving away up to 1million dollars to people and institution in Miami, this money was the estimated budget of the music video.

The God's plan  video broke the first day stream record, also it topped the 100 for 11 weeks and spent 26 weeks in the top 10.
Gods plan has 890milliom views and it is the 16th most likes video on YouTube.
Making it a successful single for drake with BET award of the year, I heart radio MMVAs Award. Godsplan is certified 2× platinum in the UK and 8× platinum in the US.

Another happy moment for Drake was his second single titled "Nice for what" produced by Murda  beats, it was released on April 6 2018 becoming his 5th Us number one  and his 2nd number one song of 2018 just after Gods plan.

Nice for what is like advocating for women, girls and single mum and encouraging the female folks.

Drakes Nice for what replaced his No1 song which is God's plan on the top 10 countdown making him the first artist to do that. Certified platinum in UK and 3× platinum in US.

Shortly Drake announced his album to be dropped on 29th June 2018, everyone was waiting for that day before we got a dis rap from Pusha T which we all knew Drake wastes no time to reply with Duppy free style  with a catchy line like "you ain't even top 5 in your label"

This led to another dis by Pusha T  titled "The story of Adidon" Talking about Drake's son which he is trying to hide.

How ever we didn't get a reply of another dis track from Drake but we got another single "I'm upset" where in the music video Drake was seen reuniting with former Cast members of Degrassi.

Then finally came Drake's awaited album, who ever thought it was gonna be a major album and talked about of the year? Well it's Drizzy AKA Champagnepappi so nothing is surprising.

Scorpion being the 5th Studio album released on 29th June 2018 with 24 Songs Aside for comprises of Hiphop and and side R&B and Pop...

Scorpion in 24 hours has 170 million streams, having 7 singles on top 20 US billboard hot 100, also Scorpion having all songs from the album as the top 25 songs on the apple music chart wow!!!

Scorpion was streamed 10million times per hour, certified platinum on the same day of release and this made Drake to become the first artist to reach 1 billion stream in one week, amazing year right???!!

Drake's Scorpion album has been nominated on 61st Grammy awards  as the album if the year, with God's plan as the record of the year, song of the year and best rap song  also Nice for what as best rap performance...

The Album comprises of amazing songs like emotionless and March 14th talking about how he feels and about his Son Adidon Mabed etc.

Also we can remember another hit song from the album with an amazing video titled "In my feelings" this topped the billboard hoy 100 chart for 10 weeks, tell me what more do a star want?? Inspired the internet meme dance challenge known as KiKi or Keke Challenge..
In my feelings is ranked By billboard as the 42 best song of the year, it became Drake's 6th number one single on the chart and also became the most streamed with 116.2million in a single week.
In my feelings made Drake the most rapper with the most number 1 hits. It remained top 10 for 14 weeks.

Drake for sure did have a great year with features from Migos, French Montana, Travis Scott on Sicko Mode and even Meek mill, his one time beefed rapper.. Yes I said Meek Mill!! Drake also invited Meek Mill  and Chris brown to tour with him, breaking off any grudges. It was an amazing tour and I am sure it was an Amazing year that Drake can't forget!!.