How to stop smoking, recommended plants to help stop smoking.

Recommended plants to help stop smoking and eliminate mucus.

To stop smoking is a personal decision to make, however for those who have stopped or decided to stop smoking.

Tobacco has been a drug that has caused so much diseases, so many deaths, and the highest expenditure worldwide even more than cocaine or heroine which are illegal.

Ellen G white one of the first voices to shout out the dangers of tobacco, an outstanding writer and an educator  wrote in 1875 "Tobacco is a slow and insidious poison and it's effect is difficult to eliminate from the body than those of alcohol.

Tobacco has no medicinal properties, Tobacco contains Nicotine which produces transitory stimulation followed by depression of the central nervous system and all ganglion of the nervous system. It stimulates secretion of adrenaline on the medulla of the suprarenal glands   which causes Vaso-constriction, tachycardia, hypertension and excitation...

Nicotine is a powerful poison American natives used the juice of tobacco leaves to poison the points of their arrows.
A single drop of nicotine will cause the death of a large dog in a few minutes, the lethal dose for a human being is 50-60mg, which is the amount that 2 middle-sized cigars commonly contain. Fortunately when smoking we only absorb 10% of the nicotine and our body learn how to eliminate It. But there is a price of suffering it's long term toxic effects.

Garlic and Carrot are amazing plants to help stop smoking and cleans the system off nicotine.

Carrot speeds up the elimination of Nicotine and it helps to regenerate the respiratory mucosa.

Garlic normalizes the blood pressure of smokers, promotes elimination of Mucus retained in bronchi and it helps to regenerate the bronchial mucous membrane.

Also the peculiar smell garlic gives to the breath helps to overcome the urge to smoke.